e r i c a (toxic_air) wrote in esdlpmeasrdl,
e r i c a

lmfaooo!! so yesterday i was trying to sleep n i hear this music, i could figure out what song it was so i went into my brothers room n it was SLOW MOTION FOR ME! lmfaolmfaolmfoa. thats soo funny. he like had it low bc he didnt want ne1 to know he was listening to it . hahahaha

that reminds me. one time in the rec room, my other bro was working out, and i went in there to get a water, and i hear justin timberlake cry me a river. LMFAO!@(*!)*@!) how gay is that!! he was like "its the only thing on i swear!!" lmfao.

mann, i love my family!!
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